Australian Open Winner Rhiannon


A Fantastic afternoons tennis was had today in a rare competitive singles tournament in the First Open, of the First ever Grand slam of Handicap singles Tennis at Walsall Tennis Club. Competitors are invited to play in 4 Grand Slam events fighting for ranking points to be tallied up at the end to find the top 4 totals who will go on to compete for £50 cash prize and Grand slam champion title at the ATP finals in February.

Nine Men and just one lady fought out the inaugral Australian Open, each benefiting or being hampered by a handicap (according to their ability/experience) in each of the 9 round robin tie breaks they played, knowing the top 8 would advance to a straight knock out draw to fight for the big ranking points! Here’s what happened in the group stage and the handicaps they played off in the race to 7 points.

RHIANNON ROBINSON  +2         WON 6/9   54 POINTS  3RD on beating Dudley

EMMANUEL OMEDINI +2           WON 5/9  54 POINTS 5TH as less wins than Rhiannon and Dudley

RICHARD WALTON  0                   WON 0/9  26 POINTS 10TH

SIMON BELCHER   0                      WON 3/9  46 POINTS 8TH

CHRIS MAGUIRE   0                       WON 2/9  31 POINTS 9TH

TIM BOLAND      -1                          WON 8/9   62 POINTS  1ST

NICK ALLEN        -1                         WON 4/9    38 POINTS  7TH  as less points than Anthony

ANTHONY BOLAND -2                  WON 4/9    42 POINTS 6TH  on more points than Nick

PAUL MAGUIRE     -3                     WON 7/9     58 POINTS  2ND

DUDLEY WRIGHT  -3                     WON 6/9    54  POINTS  4TH as lost to Rhiannon

These results meant that top 8 qualified for knock out tournament, however these positions above woulddetermine where losing quarter finalists and semi finalists would finish in relation to fellow losers. Knockout matches would be same handicaps and best of 3 first to 7 point tie breaks with handicaps being used in every set.


1st  TIM v   8th SIMON    TIM WINS 7-4 7-3                    SIMON gains 2 Ranking Points for 8th

4th DUDLEY v 5th EMMANUEL  DUDLEY WINS 4-7 7-6 7-4    EMMANUEL gains 5 Ranking Points for 5th

3rd RHIANNON v 6th ANTHONY   RHIANNON WINS 7-0 7-5   ANTHONY gains 4 Ranking Points for 6th

2nd PAUL v 7th NICK            PAUL WINS 7-4 7-5        NICK gains 3 Ranking Points for 7th

SEMIS produced a thrilling 27 minute match

1st TIM v   4th DUDLEY    TIM WINS 4-7 7-6 7-3        DUDLEY gains 7 Ranking Points for 4th Place

2nd PAUL v  3rd RHIANNON RHIANNON WINS 7-2 7-2    PAUL gains 10 Ranking Points for 3rd Place

And so to the FINAL and a battle of the sexes produced another tight affair under the lights and watching crowd.

1st TIM v 3rd RHIANNON    RHIANNON WINS 4-7 7-3 7-6    breaks Tim serve on deciding Match point to a huge cheer!

AUSTRALIAN OPEN RUNNER UP TIM BOLAND takes 13 Ranking Points         AND………………

THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN TITLE AND 16 Ranking Points and FREE Entry into FRENCH OPEN goes to


Most competitors had a great time and the handicaps are there to give every possibility for close games and unpredictable results, but they can’t account for players being in top form or being totally out of sorts, or how players can react to coping with the handicaps given in pressure situations, I think the handicaps were very accurate, but may (only may consider tinkering 3 players should they enter another grand slam).

Remember, you can still easily qualify for the ATP finals even if you didn’t enter the Australian Open

Floodlit Final Action

FRENCH OPEN 1PM Sunday December 9th

WIMBLEDON 1PM Sunday January 13th

US OPEN 2PM Sunday January 27th

ATP FINALS top 4 only Sunday February 10th 12PM

Already entered for FRENCH OPEN are Rhiannon Robinson, Anthony Boland, Richard Woodstock and Ryan Brazier (feeling a -5 at least coming on) so a maximum of 8 places remaining, be quick to enter!!

So here is the current ATP RANKINGS

1st Rhiannon 16

2nd Tim          13

3rd Paul           10

4th Dudley       7


Australian Open Winner Rhiannon

Runner Up Tim Boland with Nick Allen

5th Emmanuel 5

6th Anthony    4

7th Nick            3

8th Simon         2

9th  Chris           1

9th Richard       1

2 Weeks until French Open, and well done Rhiannon Robinson- one for the pink team!

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  1. Ant, Rhi, Ryan, Rich Woodstock, Paul and Nick all confirmed so far, 6 spaces only left

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