Hey Guys

I’m really excited to announce….. On The Edge Tennis will be represented at a few more venues from this Summer onwards.

None more so than taking on a club development coaching role at LITTLE ASTON TENNIS CLUB, rear of the Parish hall, Little Aston Lane. Just 3 minutes from Aldridge, LATC is a beautiful club needing a small coaching programme and a new Junior section being created. Along with a few more adult members to further bolster the mix in sessions and strengthen the teams. I can’t wait to get started at this 3 clay (shale) court club with a small but fully functional, quaint clubhouse with all the amenities you could need. It’s a fantastic opportunity to further spread the good work made at Walsall TC and to offer another exciting surface to clients.

Cardio Tennis sessions will be starting in May at Fairlawns hotel in Aldridge and private tennis lessons can be offered to their guests and fitness members on yet another surface (hard) in another beautiful setting on their 2 tennis courts.

Family cardio tennis sessions will also start in May at Walsall Arboretum offering another fitness alternative to the popular Park Run on Saturday Mornings at 9am, a children’s session will hopefully follow at 10am also in a bid to further grow the game.

Also at Oak Park leisure centre on Thursdays at 10am and Fridays at 5pm (indoors sweat fest) there will also be cardio tennis sessions available for Walsall wood and the surrounding area’s residents.

Just waiting with fingers crossed, that my investment into making a clone of myself pays off, it’s going to be one very busy summer!!

Hey Guys, I’m missing tennis as much as you are, and hope we can be back ASAP, as soon as it stops, I will be shovelling like there’s no tomorrow and hopefully a few of you will come and help too!  Anyway I’m going to POSTPONE the below offer I posted a few days ago!!!
New deal of the century dates are………
If I can get the court cleared in the meantime, I will add daily £5 Cardio tennis sessions for you, you can secure this deal right now at the bottom of this page, remember to share with friends!! See you very soon and enjoy the coolness of the snow, before we get HOT again with Cardio o o o.
So Sorry guys for the 9 folks that paid just £20 for a ‘stroll up and in, no questions asked’ Cardio Kickstart pass for 3 weeks and 15 sessions, in that NEVER TO BE REPEATED PRICE. Well I’m sorry because, I HAVE TO repeat it, it’s way too cheap, you guys have had way too much value, when you consider £20 would get you 4 sessions of Cardio and my usual Special Cardio kickstart plan for £24 gives you 6 sessions in 21 days (not as many as you want). However I am going to repeat the offer for the NEXT 21 DAYS starting 22nd Jan and ending 10th Feb because of the following
  • I want to reward your efforts in coming more regularly
  • I’m pleased and proud of the visible improvements in your workouts, ie. going harder for longer, gaining more stamina, running faster, swinging better, getting brilliant recovery pulse rates, being able to move, accelerate and brake like tennis pro’s!
  • I’m guessing the pay up front scheme has incentivised you all to come more, and has created a terrific group atmosphere
  • And the Tennis standard of you all is going up at incredible rates, from zero’s to heroes in 1, 2, 3 or 4 sessions…. So pleased.

So there you have it. We are doing it again, and if I get 10 sign ups ……. I PROMISE to do it again at this crazy price starting 11th Feb.

So who wants in, tell your friends, share this amazing offer tell them how quickly you get fit, become great at tennis and have a end product, an achievement to be proud of, the ability to get through epic workouts and play awesome tennis shots easily.

OK I can’t go any lower than £20, so come and pay me the fee asap at the club or at your 1st cardio session which you can attend for the period of TUESDAY 22nd January running right throughout to 10th February.

You can even pay right now here on Paypal to secure your next 3 weeks tennis cardio fitness! Paypal fee is £22 to cover the transaction costs they charge, as I said can’t go any lower on this one! See you on the courts, and Ps if we get a run of very bad weather (snow) I will extend this period accordingly as and when! Have a great Weekend Clayton

Pay here just £22 for pass to 15 sessions

Sessions are Tuesday 7:30pm Wednesday 2pm Thursday 7:30pm Friday 9:30am and Sundays 1pm



Hey Guys

Depending on when you are reading this, you are either getting ready for the very bloating Christmas meals or you are feeling bloated after them and very lethargic. You will be looking forward to January and your fitter, new you resolutions, WELL Don’t wait!! I’m Inviting you all to three FREE Cardio Tennis Fitness Classes on FRIDAY DECEMBER 28TH 1 year to the day I launched my awesome tennis exercise classes! So get ahead before you blow out again at New years eve. Make sure you book!


The FREE (yes I said Free) sessions are as follows




If you feel rejuvenated enough you can do more than one session, the sessions will last an hour approximately, then there will be time to ask questions and chat about CARDIO TENNIS, session times plus the chance to sign up for the CARDIO KICK START package for only £24 !

CARDIO KICKSTART is 6 sessions within 3 weeks of Purchase costing £24. But I’m going to knock £4 off that price as it’s our BIRTHDAY plus let you attend as many sessions as you want up to Jan 21st, there will be around 15 sessions in this time, attend 2 or 3 a week and see some amazing, cardio, stamina, toning and weight loss results.

So let me know which Free sessions you want to attend (bring kids to play on other courts) over 12′s can join in cardio too, let me know by following means, ONLY 15 PLACES PER SESSION!!

1 leave comment on this post at bottom

2 text Clayton on 07780 777774

3 email clayton@ontheedgetennis.co.uk

4 facebook message me

5 message Facebook at On The Edge Tennis page look for icon on right of this page

6 Join the facebook event I have created… FREE mid Holidays Cardio Tennis Workouts

Either way Get on it quickly and tell your friends.


Click on this link to see what people were saying about Cardio Tennis after just 1 month, it’s even better now too!

  • Burn 700 Calories
  • Improve Cardio fitness and get healthy heart
  • Lose weight and tone up
  • No tennis skills or experience needed
  • Tennis skills are a free bonus and subliminarly taught
  • Latest upbeat music mix’s pumping out to motivate
  • Mega tough but achievable workouts
  • Massive amount of fun and pride when completed
  • Racket provided just turn up
  • Track Pulse rate results regularly
  • Gain footwork and coordination to excel at tennis and any other sports
  • In the great outdoors, refresh your minds (best ideas are conjured up outside!)

So come and join the 1 year celebrations and get ahead of everyone else in the New Year race for fitness, in the best sport possible!

Happy Holidays Clayton

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