Rohan Thawait seen here collecting his Under 10′s singles prize just one week after winning the ‘On The Edge Tennis u’12′s Christmas tournament, He fought off 18 other compeitors in 2 fierce round robin groups, in total playing 18 times, and in torrential rain for the last hour. Other age  group winners were u10′s  Simran Basra U8′s, Martha Harding and Gabrielle Aman, u6′s winner was future star Alex Humphries and my Fair Play award went to Aiden Aman. All the fantastic competitors went home with a prize. 

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  1. I think that this club is the best tennis club in Walsall because it has a great bulk of staff who work there and i love going to it. Alsao it has one of the best coaches i have ever had, Clayton !!!!!!!!

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