2o brave folks played on Sunday 11th December in mostly rainy conditions, all 10 pairs had handicaps, some positive, some negative according to ability, teams had free points to use at any time in a match.. called Turkeys, after 9 Round Robin rounds of 1st to 12 points played to Xmas songs and many wearing Santa Hats, 4 pairs made the soggy semi’s, Estelle Rolinson, sister in law to me and my partner for the day kindly made up the numbers after never playing tennis before, let alone a tournament lost out to bright prospect Jamal Downie and new member Slovakian Superstar Simona Pinova 12-8, whilst Mens Doubles champ Dave Twist and partner Rhiannon Robinson recovered from the xmas party the night before to thrash Matthew Gough and¬†Anita England 12-1 in the second semi.

Jamal and Simona were the deserved, eventual winners after a hard afternoon’s fun, competetive ¬†tennis, all then enjoyed hot turkey and stuffing baps, mince pies and warm mulled wine all served perfectly by Ellie, The balls have now dried out at time of press!

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