After 5 years of superb handicap tennis action and the imminent closure of Walsall Tennis Club, it’s time to adapt and keep this Grand Slam superb format going. With 4 tennis courts needed, it makes perfect sense to move to the very popular touchtennis format on the 6 purpose built courts at the Arboretum, as we haven’t access to 4 tennis courts.

The format remains the same with a few changes/improvements.

Players compete for ranking points over 4 grand slam tournament to qualify for the ATP finals for the top 8, rankings table will be updated after each slam.

Players are handicapped so everyone has an equal chance of success.

Tie break sets are used in a group stage, and best of 3 tie breaks are used in knockout stages for the top 8 in each Grand Slam.

Ranking Points are awarded correspondent to where you finish.  Winner gets Free Entry to next one.

After 4 Grand Slams, the top 8 are called back for the ATP Finals which is a knockout format, 1v8 4v5 3v6 2v7.

Big cash prize and trophy for the winner of the Finals, Handicaps remain throughout the season. Players could be on -4 points or even start on +4 etc.

CHANGES/ IMPROVEMENTS going from Tennis to touchtennis.

TOURNAMENT DAY: This will move from SUNDAYS to THURSDAYS nights, to allow more people to play.

ENTRY FEE: Will increase to from £8 to £10 per event to improve prize money, cover equipment (especially expensive new balls, rackets, nets) and the £2.5k floodlights.

MATCH LENGTH: Each tie break will increase from race to 7 to race to 10 points, SD at 9-9

SERVE RULES: as per touchtennis rules, no lets, if you throw it then hit it, only 1 serve.

GROUP STAGE: Will not be a full round robin, if there are  9, 10, 11 or more players, everyone will only play 8 unique group matches as randomly drawn then the table is finalised. The top 8 then go on to play for the bigger ranking points. When eliminated, group position depending on matches won, then points won will determine your final placing and ranking points earned.

RANKING POINTS: Were 1st 16 2nd 13 3rd 10 4th 7 5th 5 6th 4 7th 3 8th 2  and rest 1,

This will be changed to 1st 20 2nd 16 3rd 13 4th 11 5th 8 6th 7 7th 6 8th 5 9th 4 10th 3 11th 2 rest 1  NEW, Medal for each tournament winner.

PRIZE MONEY. Increased for ATTP finals Winner from £60 to around £100. £40 is Guaranteed plus £1 added to prize pot from every single entry fee, so hopefully £12 per tournament. PLUS the GRAND SLAM HANDICAP SINGLES Trophy current held by T Boland.


ATTP FINALS: Association of touchtennis Professionals, Quarters, Semi’s and Final all best of 7 10 point tiebreaks, handicaps reset after each set

Was already a great format, and about to get even better and with touchtennis rules and pressure of the serves the better players have any more mental battles to overcome and the matches are going to be so tense and exciting. Video highlights will be epic.


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