OTET WINTER GRAND SLAM OF TENNIS HANDICAP SINGLES Starts    Relive Last seasons  VIDEO glory here >>

AUSTRALIAN OPEN 1pm Start.   (Current holder R FOX)

Samantha Tsvanumo won the 4th annual title and holds the shield off a -1 handicap, but the defence starts here. Players are awarded either minus, even or plus handicaps for each match. Each match is first to 7 points, with players starting each one on their individual handicap appropriately picked by me. A knockout draw follows with best of 3 sets after initial group stage for the top 8 players.

There will be the following 4 GRAND SLAM TOURNAMENTS costing £8 to enter (or enter all 4 now for £28)

AUSTRALIAN OPEN 1PM Sunday November 20th

FRENCH OPEN 1PM Sunday December 11th

WIMBLEDON 1PM Sunday January 8th

US OPEN 1PM Sunday February 5th

For Each Grand Slam the top 8 will receive RANKING POINTS as follows, Winner -16 2nd- 13 3rd- 10 4th-7 5th-5 6th-4 7th-3 8th-2 all other entrants will receive 1 point. Each Grand Slam will most likely consist of round robin matches then a knockout draw for top 8 on the day.

A RANKINGS Table will be kept over the 4 Grand Slam events and The TOP 8 point scorers will qualify for….

The ATP TOUR FINALS 1PM Sunday February 26th

Quarters and semi’s best of 7 sets followed by the FINAL for £60 prize, best of 9 sets.

Each tournament will carry a small prize for winner and Certificates for Winners and Runners Up, obviously you don’t need to play every Grand Slam to Qualify for ATP finals, providing you get enough points from the events you do play! OK so this is for anyone, beginners, non-members or A team play.

Enter Australian now 07780 777774

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