Wow, the Australian was competitive but the French Open this past Sunday was another level, so many close matches. Even though the two form players reached the finals they were both within 1 or 2 points of being eliminated in both the Quarters and Semi finals, as every knock out match went a deciding tie break set.

This was the second tournament to grab between 1 and 16 ranking points for the competitors in their bid to reach the knockout tournament at the ATP finals in February for the chance of becoming the FIRST EVER WINTER GRAND SLAM HANDICAP SINGLES CHAMPION and taking the £50 CASH PRIZE. We had another 4 new faces enter the 2nd of 4 Grand Slams, the French Open, making it a bigger field of 11 vying to qualify for a last 8 knockout draw after a gruelling round robin tournament!

After the only competing lady, Rhiannon winning the Australian, it looked doubly worse for the men when WTC singles champ Hazel entered to take on 8 fearful males. Here’s how they all fared in the group stage and the handicaps they played off in the race to 7 points tiebreaks!




CHRIS MAGUIRE                +1   WON 5/10    51 POINTS    7TH on less points than Dave and Nick

SIMON BELCHER               0      WON 2/10   44 POINTS    10TH

ROB SOUSTER                     0      WON 3/10   48 POINTS   9TH

NICK ALLEN                        -1      WON 5/10   56 POINTS     5TH on more points than Dave and Chris

ANTHONY BOLAND          -1     WON 0/10    32 POINTS    11TH

DAVE TWIST                       -2      WON 5/10    54 POINTS    6TH on less points than Nick

DUDLEY WRIGHT             -3      WON 9/10    66 POINTS     1ST on more points than Hazel

PAUL MAGUIRE                -3       WON 7/10    64 POINTS     3RD

HAZEL RICHARDS             -3      WON 9/10   64 POINTS     2ND on less points than Dudley

So Top 8 qualify after Hazel beat Dudley 7-3 in battle of undeafeated, in 9th match, before losing 7-1 to 3rd Place Paul to surrender top spot back to Dudley. It’s fair to say all Quarter Finalists will feel they could have gone even further, what a tournament!


1ST DUDLEY v 8TH RICHARD        DUDLEY WINS 4-7 7-5 7-5 Richard gains 2 ranking points for 8th Place

4TH RHIANNION V 5TH NICK       RHIANNON WINS 4-7 7-5 7-6 Nick gains 5 ranking points for 5th Place

3RD PAUL V 6TH DAVE                    PAUL WINS 7-5 5-7 7-5   Dave gains 4 ranking points for 6th Place

2ND HAZEL V 7TH CHRIS               HAZEL WINS 4-7 7-5 7-4  Chris gains 3 ranking points for 7th Place

So for 2nd Open running Top 4 qualify for Semi’s but all 4 had a mighty scare this time! So to the semi’s 2 boys 2 girls


1ST DUDLEY V 4TH RHIANNON    DUDLEY WINS 5-7 7-5 7-6 Rhiannon gains 7 ranking points for 4th Place

2ND HAZEL v 3RD PAUL                  HAZEL WINS 5-7 7-5 7-5 Paul gains 10 ranking points for 3rd Place

Awesome Semi’s see top two prevail, but Rhiannon gains enough to stay at least joint top of leaderboard, and consistent Paul get’s 2nd consecutive 3rd place to remain 3rd in Leaderboard.


1ST DUDLEY V 2ND HAZEL            DUDLEY WINS 7-5 6-7 7-3 Hazel goes joint 4th in Leaderboard with 13 ranking points.

What a final, Dudley edged 1st set with some generous line calls by Hazel, Hazel looks down and out but pulls out amazing winners to save 4 match points to take the 2nd set to force a decider, for the watching crowd. Dudley takes the early advantage and goes 4-2 up before the unimagineable happens, one of Hazel’s fans cuts the floodlight wires forcing the lights to go out(not really, but the lights did trip at the most inconvenient time). The players had a good 7-8 minute wait before the lights problem was rectified, Hazel came inside and Dudley stayed out focusing. Just 4 more points were played with Dudley winning 3 to take the French Open title presented by the nearly man Nick Allen.

What a tournament giving the following ranking points

Dudley 16 Hazel 13 Paul 10 Rhiannon 7 Nick 5 Dave 4 Chris 3 Richard 2 and Rob, Simon and Anthony with 1 point to take home!

Here are the current standings with just the Wimbledon and US Opens to play. Dudley joins Rhiannon at top, Paul consolidates 3rd but moves closer to leaders and Hazel and Tim are tied for 4th after being runner up in their only events. Nick Allen is hovering in 6th waiting to pounce, and a Grand Slam win from anyone will put them right in the mix for the ATP finals!

See you on Jan 13th for WIMBLEDON, Anthony already entered and Dudley gets free wildcard for his French success!

In the meantime some light Christmas relief in the Turkey Tennis 2012 Mixed Doubles tournament check it out down below on previous post!


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