This past Sunday before the snow fell, we held the 3rd Grand Slam of 4 at Walsall Tennis Club, as 9 out of 16 competitors entered to force their way into the top four spots on the Grand Slam Leaderboard for a chance to compete for £50 prize on 10th of February at the ATP finals. It was another great day on the sunny courts of Wimbledon, this event saw our 1st guaranteed qualifier for the ATP Finals, we saw a finalist come from a lowly 8th position finish in group to steal big ranking points and we witnessed a shock winner perform out his skin (wasn’t a shock to him though). Keep reading to see how everyone fared in this Handicapped Singles event and to find out more details of the ATP finals that will follow the crucial 4th Grand Slam.. the US Open being held on the 27th Jan.

So we had 2 new faces enter the competition, in the field of 9 which included 2 former Grand Slam Winners, Rhiannon and Dudley searching for more glory, however with such a fair and open format a brand new champion was always a likely outcome with all competitors knowing they need to be on top form and hold 100% focus for 100% of the time. Here’s how they all fared in the group stage and the handicaps they played off in the race to 7 point tiebreaks! Only 1 player would miss out on the group stage but higher placing gives more ranking points once eliminated. Players receive 16 points for Champion, 13 for 2nd, 10 for 3rd, 7 for 4th, 5 for 5th, 4 for 6th, 3 for 7th, 2 for 8th and 1 for 9th.

RHIANNON ROBINSON   +2    WON 4/8   40 POINTS   6TH on more points than Nick

RICHARD WOODSTOCK +2     WON 4/8    48 POINTS  5TH on more points than Rhiannon and Nick

EMMANUEL OMODENI  +2     WON  5/8   52 POINTS  2ND on more points than Anthony and Dudley

AJAYA GHOSH                  +2       WON 0/8   32 POINTS   9TH

ANTHONY BOLAND         -1        WON 5/8    48 POINTS   4TH on less points than Dudley and Emmanuel

TIM BOLAND                     -1         WON 6/8    48 POINTS   1ST

NICK ADDO                         -1        WON 2/8   46 POINTS  8TH

NICK ALLEN                      -1          WON 4/8    38 POINTS   7TH on less points than Richard and Rhiannon

DUDLEY WRIGHT            -3         WON 5/8     51 POINTS   3RD on more points than Anthony

So a truly tight group, with Wins being more important than total points won unless tied, as many of the above were, so onto the intriguing Knockout stages….  handicaps stay the same in best of 3 (1st to 7 point tie break) sets.


1ST TIM v 8TH NICK ADDO  Nick upsets the odds winning 3-7 7-4 7-5  Tim gains 5 Ranking Points as highest placed QF loser.

4TH ANTHONY v 5TH RICHARD Ant on form after disastrous French open, wins 7-4 7-5 Rich gets 4 points as 2nd highest QF loser.

3RD DUDLEY v 6TH RHIANNON In form Dudley wins battle of champs 7-4 7-4 Rhiannon stays 2nd in leader-board with 3 more points.

2ND EMMANUEL v 7TH NICK ALLEN Emmanuel steals 7-3 4-7 7-4 Nick  gains 2 more Ranking points to keep his hopes just alive.

One major upset as 8th beats 1st, but remaining top 3 all advance to Semi’s.


8TH NICK v 4TH ANTHONY Nick continues to save best for latter stages winning 7-5 7-5 Anthony gains much needed 7 points for 4th

3RD DUDLEY v 2ND EMMANUEL French open champ loses comfortably to unfazed Emman 3-7 1-7 Dudley gains 10 for 3rd and leads leader-board by a massive 7 points and has QUALIFIED for ATP finals.

So a very youthful final was in store for the watching crowd including on duty PC Paul waiting to see if he could remain in top 4 after this event.


8TH NICK v  2ND EMMANUEL  He said early on in the day he was going to win and the boy did just that, taking a straight forward 7-3 7-3 victory for Emmanuel. Nick just couldn’t fetch the handicap back in time but gains a vital 13 points in his 1st event meaning another final appearance could be enough to make finals. Champion Emmanuel take 16 to take his total to 21 and put him 3rd in Leader board and give him free entry into US Open.

Here’s the latest standings showing Dudley now Qualified and any of the top 10 could pinch a top 4 place in the crucial US OPEN on 27th Jan. Winner getting Free entry to ATP finals
On the 10th Feb ATP finals will see 1st v 4th and 2nd v 3rd in Semi’s being the best of 7 tie breaks, Final will be best of 9 tie breaks! Winner =£50
BREAKING NEWS…  TOP 8 players will appear on ATP FINALS card.

Also on finals day 5th place v 8th place and 6th place v 7th place …..semi’s and finals best of 7 tie breaks! Winner = £10
Both competitions will see a 3rd place play off and 7th place play off respectively, all top 8 finalists will gain GRAND SLAM Certificates with final placing! What an ace competition so far but it’s only just begun! Who’s your money on, plenty to still to play for, Make sure you secure your US OPEN place on 27th January 2pm start.


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