After days of over indulgence come out and earn your Turkey (we may have Pork and stuffing too if sick of turkey) with a great outdoors break with fun and exercise before the next party session on New Years Eve.

Now in the 6th year, the most anticipated and most fun social tournament of the On The Edge Tennis calendar, THE TURKEY AND TENNIS MIXED DOUBLES TOURNAMENT!!


You can pick your own Mixed Doubles partner or I will find you one

Each match will be fair, as weaker pairs will have TURKEYS to use at any point in each game.

A TURKEY is a free point, some pairs may have multiple to claim at start, middle or end of games, the best pairs will have ZERO TURKEYS, this tournament needs switched on brains to use your TURKEYS efficiently and the most tactically!

There will be a large group of Round Robin (should be called Tubby Turkey I suppose) matches then a Knockout tournament to decide the multiple Tennis prizes on offer!

Then most importantly there will be fabulous HOT Turkey and Stuffing Sandwiches, Mince Pies and Hot Mulled Wine to enjoy whilst participants watch the final!

Santa Hats are a must and Christmas Music will be audible from the courts!

£8 Entry confirm partner to 07780 777774 or I can find you one.

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