Eight spaces down, 4 to go for Sunday’s French Open, which saw Dudley (pictured) take the title lastyear.

Keep fighting for those ranking points to make the £60 ATP finals on March 2nd for the top 8.

Australian Open winner Tim is in pole position, but another 16 points is up for grabs this Sunday at 1pm. We have 2 new players coming in so far to add to the mix. Entries and probable handicaps are below.

Dave Khayat +3

Michael Boland + 2

Rhiannon Robinson +2

Grayson Marlow +1

Luke Gwalchami +1

Tim Boland -1

Paul Maguire -3

Ryan Brazier -7

Clayton Edge -7 (playing if under 12 entries)

Remember my job is to ensure the best and worst player have the same chance of winning the tournament, depending how well they can hold their nerve. So far in 5 grand slams 5 different winners and winner gets FREE entry into Wimbledon, Runner up gets half price.

See you Sunday and enter quick, I’m expecting a full house for this one.

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