Group Coaching


So you want to attend some tennis groups, to practice the skills and technique you have learnt with me in our private sessions, or you want to find a social, physical sport that is great fun and will keep you fit and healthy outdoors, away from a boring, sweaty, smelly gym? Good then you are on the right page!! You will find lots of weekly sessions below in the Winter programme table and unlike most clubs or coaches, I am happy to let you pay as you go and offer most value for money (I welcome the profit, and embrace the loss), as our lives get more and more hectic I know we can’t commit every week. I run my groups in such a way that it doesn’t matter if you miss 1 or even 2 weeks on the trot, however to progress quickly, frequency is very important.

I tend not to split my adult groups into ability, as again I run my classes in a way where people can only be concerned with their own performance and letting your partner down in a doubles drill is non existant, as before you have time to apologise it’s your turn again.. There is no time to dwell on mistakes, just plenty of time to admire the hundreds of ace shots you did hit when reflecting back at home afterwards.

 A beginner can join any class, and granted will feel ‘OMG these guys are so good’ yes they are.. but give it 2 sessions and that gap will close massively and you WILL feel comfortable because you have to! Playing with better players brings you on so fast,.. as a beginner have you ever rallied in the park with each other (no you haven’t!! You may have attempted it with 2 or 3 balls, hit a ball, pick it up out the net, over and over getting a bad back, got dejected, maybe argued and gone home upset and looking for another sport, as it was just as hard as you remembered at school!). ’He’s right’ I hear you say, well come and see me loaded with a trolleyfull of 150 balls, putting the ball where you can hit it, and gain success, giving you another ball 1 second after missing the last, giving your body chance to get a rhythm, fooling your brain into developing muscle memory for this ‘not as difficult as i thought’ sport! Oh and don’t worry about being too good for a group either, I’m involved hands on in every single minute of the class to push you on the edge of your limits and challenge yourself against the ball machine (that’s me).  You will also undoubtedly ache in places you didn’t know you had places, after your 1st session, 2nd session is easier and after that it’s a workout and recovery your body deals with no problem.

On The Edge Tennis groups Summer Programme

So there are the choice of groups to attend, remember success breeds success, so try to play more than once a week, to build your confidence and fitness and just make tennis a natural and healthy thing. There will be times tennis can get so frustrating and you try too hard to keep improving which has an adverse effect, when this happens, take a week off, reprogramme your mind and body and start again with a ‘let’s enjoy this again’ attitude (find your happy place), a break can be good!

Other Group situations we cater for

We regularly hold tournaments for adults and children(keep eyes on CUTTING EDGE NEWS, and Facebook fan page). We can provide corporate coaching/tournament days for team building and even finish your event off with a Disco/Karaoke at a venue of your choice. We hold birthday parties at the club for up to 30 children, on weekend afternoons, call me for a quote on any the aforementioned items.

Every School Holiday(christmas excluded) we offer fantastic 3 or 5hr TENNIS CAMPS every weekday, to further improve all abilities and help out with busy mums and dads work schedules! Again keep looking back to my site for updates on Holiday camps and special loyalty offers.

See you soon, Tennis is so fun in a group, it doesn’t have to be just 2 or 4 people playing to get great effective practice and a much better workout than a friendly game provides. Talking of WORKOUTS , click on my CARDIO TENNIS page to find out more about the mother of all Tennis workouts, if it’s fitness, stamina and weight loss you’re after!!!

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