Hey Guys, I’m missing tennis as much as you are, and hope we can be back ASAP, as soon as it stops, I will be shovelling like there’s no tomorrow and hopefully a few of you will come and help too!  Anyway I’m going to POSTPONE the below offer I posted a few days ago!!!
New deal of the century dates are………
If I can get the court cleared in the meantime, I will add daily £5 Cardio tennis sessions for you, you can secure this deal right now at the bottom of this page, remember to share with friends!! See you very soon and enjoy the coolness of the snow, before we get HOT again with Cardio o o o.
So Sorry guys for the 9 folks that paid just £20 for a ‘stroll up and in, no questions asked’ Cardio Kickstart pass for 3 weeks and 15 sessions, in that NEVER TO BE REPEATED PRICE. Well I’m sorry because, I HAVE TO repeat it, it’s way too cheap, you guys have had way too much value, when you consider £20 would get you 4 sessions of Cardio and my usual Special Cardio kickstart plan for £24 gives you 6 sessions in 21 days (not as many as you want). However I am going to repeat the offer for the NEXT 21 DAYS starting 22nd Jan and ending 10th Feb because of the following
  • I want to reward your efforts in coming more regularly
  • I’m pleased and proud of the visible improvements in your workouts, ie. going harder for longer, gaining more stamina, running faster, swinging better, getting brilliant recovery pulse rates, being able to move, accelerate and brake like tennis pro’s!
  • I’m guessing the pay up front scheme has incentivised you all to come more, and has created a terrific group atmosphere
  • And the Tennis standard of you all is going up at incredible rates, from zero’s to heroes in 1, 2, 3 or 4 sessions…. So pleased.

So there you have it. We are doing it again, and if I get 10 sign ups ……. I PROMISE to do it again at this crazy price starting 11th Feb.

So who wants in, tell your friends, share this amazing offer tell them how quickly you get fit, become great at tennis and have a end product, an achievement to be proud of, the ability to get through epic workouts and play awesome tennis shots easily.

OK I can’t go any lower than £20, so come and pay me the fee asap at the club or at your 1st cardio session which you can attend for the period of TUESDAY 22nd January running right throughout to 10th February.

You can even pay right now here on Paypal to secure your next 3 weeks tennis cardio fitness! Paypal fee is £22 to cover the transaction costs they charge, as I said can’t go any lower on this one! See you on the courts, and Ps if we get a run of very bad weather (snow) I will extend this period accordingly as and when! Have a great Weekend Clayton

Pay here just £22 for pass to 15 sessions

Sessions are Tuesday 7:30pm Wednesday 2pm Thursday 7:30pm Friday 9:30am and Sundays 1pm


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