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If you are not aware yet, I have signed up to play a charity football match at Anfield in May, on a full sized pitch and in the most tiring position of centre midfield (for someone who has only played 60 mins of football since he left school, getting fit for Tennis and not football- not comparable). Only catch is I have to raise £700 by March 1st. Including my own donation and others pledged plus an upcoming Darts tournament I’m organising I should hit £250, so a good start but long way to go! The charities supported include Diabetes cures and various Children’s charities.

So on Sunday 24th February at 2pm I’m holding a fun, exciting, tiring, suitable for all standards.. TOUCH TENNIS Tournament! If you are not familiar with this addictive game from my groups or cardio classes, here are the rules!

  • Played with slower, softer balls (same as cardio ones)
  • Played on tiny court, we will use the service box, just one.
  • Touch shots only, No hard shots or smashes allowed, just skillfull well placed volleys, lobs, slices, spin shots
  • Each point starts by a player dropping ball off net cord by hand onto opponents side of net, and the point develops from there, then normal tennis rules apply.
  • Each match is timed, the player leading ie 6-4 advances to next higher court and player losing moves down one court, if tied a deciding point is played!

So I realise, this tournament is a great leveller, taking speed and power out of peoples play and relies on tactics and sharp reactions and of course a good touch, but absolutely promotes lots of rallies and tactics! So what are the Tournament rules!


  • Well it’s for CHARITY, so it’s going to be physically demanding. Tournament will last 90 minutes straight…with NO BREAKS!!!
  • You are going to get an amazing workout with a fun and competitive edge to it.
  • Up to 24 players can enter and will compete on 12 mini courts, 1-12 with 1 being the top court and 12 being the bottom court!
  • Players will randomly pick their starting court by picking a court number out of a hat on arrival.
  • Each match will last 3 minutes to music, when music stops, players immediately move up or down one court and start next match against a new competitor, If you win on court 1 you remain on court 1. If you lose on court 12 you remain on court 12.
  • 90 minutes using 3 minute games means 30 rounds to get as high as you can, a gruelling marathon.
  • £10 ENTRY FEE, all to Football aid Charity.
  • WINNER of 30th round on court 1, wins Trophy PLUS £30 cash prize donated by me.
  • More experienced players will still be more likely to win with more tactical knowledge, so there will also be FREE lesson prizes on 3 of the other courts exposed at random at the end of tournament, for the winners of the final match on that court, so players should want to win no matter what court they are on at the end!
  • Winning isn’t important (apart from the one that wins, will be highlight of their career) but completing 90 mins of constant competition will be important, with lots of bending, stretching, changing direction, chasing and running!

Guys, this will be a great tournament for a great cause and a perfect NO PRESSURE introduction to an easy kind of tennis tournament without having to serve or score properly, just a very fast paced sociable tournament that could bring up great rivalries as you could meet many players, many times.

So please enter ASAP to secure your place and help raise funds for a cracking charity which supports cures for Diabetes and lots of other Children’s charities! Enter by text 07780 777774, Open to Men, Women and Children (kids are great at this game as we play at most sessions).

Thanks for your support, if you can’t make the day but still want to donate even a pound, just drop me a text.

Stay awesome, Clayton

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