Hey Guys,

A massive Thank You to all my family and friends (old and new) who attended the 4 Cardio sessions on the 28th December, nearly 40 folks burning calories galore, enjoying ‘Heart Pumping Fitness’ to upbeat loud tunes using Rackets and Balls! So good was the feedback, that I started immediately with Cardio sessions the very next night and have now at time of press completed 7 cardio sessions for non, new and experienced tennis players looking to build stamina and burn 100′s of calories. The sessions are now polished to top notch standards and will always be varied, oh and my voice is back now too!

I’m excited to let you know I’m extending my Launch plans of 3 weekly cardio sessions to 5 weekly cardio sessions due to the enthusiasm of everybody attending the launch. These sessions start tonight Tuesday 3rd January 8.30pm, so please Share this post with all your friends and family, and remember Everyone can have their first Cardio Tennis experience for FREE, and it’s for ANYONE… challenge your friends who tell you they hate Tennis.. let them come then they will thank you for converting them find out more here http://ontheedgetennis.co.uk/cardio-tennis/.

To find out when the Cardio Tennis sessions are please look here http://ontheedgetennis.co.uk/group-coaching/ and to get real fitness results out of them try to get to 2 to 3 sessions per week, as this programme grows and grows I will keep adding more sessions in, so please keep reminding me of your ideal slots!

Thanks once again and please spread the word, See you on the Courts!!!!!


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