Serve an ACE both players take a chocolate TREAT, Be ACED and both players take a TRICK SHOT of (TEQUILA) (or blood red wine if driving) during the game. Loads of spot prizes too, courtesy of Benenden.

PRIZE FOR BEST Costume, and Winners take home the remaining booze and chocolates.

Matches are timed, with the emphasis on some great social tennis.

ENTER NOW, £7 per entry, £12 per couple, all levels. Don’t forget your bats. I’ll drive home anyone who likes getting aced!!!!


In the final chapter in the road to ATP FINALS at Walsall Tennis club on March 1st, Richards added to previous titles Australian and French Opens. Yet this time it was not Darrean taking home the US Open, it was Richards senior; Michael who defeated Luke Gwalchmai in a final littered with net cords.

On February 8th in glorious sunshine 10 players battled it out in the US Open to secure and jostle for end ranking positions for the big £60 knockout finals in March. We had another first, a player withdrawing with injury in the group stages, to the joy of the rest of the field looking for bigger points resulting in progressing to the elimination stages. Wimbledon champ Grayson was the unlucky one pulling his groin, yet knowing his qualification was safe, as others realised only a top four finish would be enough. We had yet another debutant in Ross Fox knowing only a final appearance would see him through to the ATP finals.

Here’s how the finishing 9 man handicap round robin panned out, including the handicaps they played off in the race to 7 points, when both players had minus starts the scores were brought closer to zero, and likewise when both players had plus handicaps.

ROSS FOX          0    WON 4/8  46 POINTS   5TH as more points than Anthony but less than Dan

DAN PLATT      0   WON 4/8    49 POINTS   4TH on more points than Ross and Ant

DARREAN RICHARDS  -1  WON 2/8   44 POINTS   7TH on more points than Simon and James

SIMON CROOK  +2   WON 2/8     40 POINTS  8TH on less points than Darrean but more than James


TIM BOLAND  -1      WON 6/8    53 POINTS   2ND

LUKE GWALCHMAI  +1  WON  5/8  48 POINTS   3RD               

ANTHONY BOLAND    -1     WON 4/8   45 POINTS 6TH on less points than Dan and Ross

JAMES HODGES   -3   WON 2/8    37 POINTS  9TH as less points than Darrean and Simon

An interesting group stage seeing father Michael in fine form losing just one, and 2 time grand slam champion son Darrean scraping home with just two wins from eight in 7th place. Everyone winning at least two games but James suffered and was eliminated by least points as he found his -3 handicap just too much on the day. Many knew they had qualified for ATP finals but today’s main aim was still to win the US Open, although others knew they had to goo deep today to make it.

To the Quarter finals where handicaps are retained and now become best of 3 tie break matches.


1ST MICHAEL     v   8TH  SIMON…..   MICHAEL WINS 7-5 7-2 Simon gains 2 points for 8th

4TH DAN   v  5TH ROSS…….ROSS WINS 4-7 7-6 7-2  Dan  gains 5 points in 5th

3RD LUKE v 6TH ANTHONY ….. LUKE WINS 7-2 7-6   Anthony gains 4 points for 6th

2ND TIM v 7TH DARREAN….. TIM  WINS  7-5 7-2   Darrean gains 3 points for 7th

Just Ross upsetting the top 4 in a 3 set win over Dan, however Dan had done enough to make the ATP finals, to join already qualified Darrean, Jack, Tim, Grayson, Michael and Luke. With one spot remaining Ross must get to the final to stop the absent (through man flu) Rob Keeling from also qualifying. At this stage, for this year it’s all over for Simon and Anthony.

Onto the important Semi’s then where ranking points will still prove crucial for those wanting an ATP quarter final easier draw (if such a thing exists).


1ST MICHAEL v 5TH ROSS……MICHAEL WINS 4-7  7-3 7-6  Ross gains 7 points in 4th, great debut result.

3RD LUKE  v 2ND TIM…. LUKE WINS 7-6 7-6 Tim gains 10 points guarantee 2nd seed.

So we will have a new winner and our 10th different Grand slam winner in just 12 Opens, Michael edged out Ross to qualify Rob into March’s Finals, and Luke squeezed past veteran Tim with two deciding point winning sets. It’s all about the US Open winner now as the rest pull up a chair for the floodlit final.


1ST MICHAEL v 3RD LUKE…. MICHAEL WINS  7-5 4-7 7-2  Michael makes it 3 out of 4 slams for the Richards happy household, Luke Gwalch-mai think what might of been in the deciding set if not for the ridiculous two net cord winners from Michael, as he is yet again the bridesmaid, but all will be forgotten if Luke can capture the big prize on March 1st.

US OPEN RUNNER UP…. LUKE GWALCHMAI gains 13 ranking points and half price entry into ATP finals.

US OPEN CHAMPION…. MICHAEL RICHARDS gains 16 ranking points and FREE entry into ATP finals.

All competitors had a great time in what was another high quality Grand Slam, the handicaps are there to give every possibility for close games and unpredictable results, but they can’t account for players being in top form or being totally out of sorts, or how players can react to coping with the handicaps given in pressure situations.

So let’s find out what today’s earned points do the final leader board and who will be the 8 competitors on March 1ST for ATP TITLE, TROPHY and £60 PRIZE?


1ST D RICHARDS  -1        3            4                48               =

2ND T BOLAND       -1      10          4                33               =

3RD M RICHARDS   0       16         4               28              +2

4TH L GWALCHMAI +1    13         2               23              +3

4TH J EVANS              -1       –          2               23              -2

6TH G MARLOW      +1      1            3                21             -2

7TH D PLATT              0       5          3                 13             +2

8TH R KEELING        0       –           2                 11              -2

9TH R ROBINSON    +2      -          1                  10             -2

10TH R THAWAIT     -2       –          1                   7              =

10TH R FOX                  0       7         1                   7              NEW

12TH J HODGES         – 3       1           2                 6               -1

13TH A BOLAND        -1          4        2                  6              +1


So Darrean tops the group with 2 titles and runner up and highest ever ranking points total. Steady Tim takes 2nd seed. 28 points after today’s win takes Michael from 5th to 3rd while runner up Luke draws level with Jack on 23 points to share 4th place and will face each other in the quarters. Injury hit Wimbledon champ drops to 6th, as Dan rises from 9th to 7th with Rob fortunate to cling onto last 8 spot.

So here is the knockout draw for March 1st to be played best of 7 sets for Quarters and Semi’s. Final will be best of 9 sets. Entry is £6





SEMI 1 Q1 V Q2

SEMI 2 Q3 V Q4

THEN FINAL, No replacements will be given for non attendees, as what would be the point of qualifying when we all know in a handicap positions 9 or 10 could easily go on to win that knockout. If your quarter final opponent isn’t available at 2pm on March 1st then you advance to the Semi’s.

What a fantastic Grand slam season, thanks to all those that played and best of luck to those 8 qualifiers on March 1ST, could those competitors please confirm your place asap.

Cheers and big well done to Michael on this victory.





£6 Entry Free selection box for each player, lots of prizes and certificates too.

UNDER 10′s is 10am start after 9am tennis group and UNDER 16’s is 11am after normal 10am class and will last up to two hours. £10 for both.

Round robin groups then knockout stages. Christmas Tunes will be played and Santa hats can be worn. Enter right away by text to mobile below. Prizes will be given to best results in each age group but festive fun is the main aim, so come and get your Claus into some friendly tennis competition.

07780 777774 to enter.

Australian Open Winner Rhiannon


A Fantastic afternoons tennis was had today in a rare competitive singles tournament in the First Open, of the First ever Grand slam of Handicap singles Tennis at Walsall Tennis Club. Competitors are invited to play in 4 Grand Slam events fighting for ranking points to be tallied up at the end to find the top 4 totals who will go on to compete for £50 cash prize and Grand slam champion title at the ATP finals in February.

Nine Men and just one lady fought out the inaugral Australian Open, each benefiting or being hampered by a handicap (according to their ability/experience) in each of the 9 round robin tie breaks they played, knowing the top 8 would advance to a straight knock out draw to fight for the big ranking points! Here’s what happened in the group stage and the handicaps they played off in the race to 7 points.

RHIANNON ROBINSON  +2         WON 6/9   54 POINTS  3RD on beating Dudley

EMMANUEL OMEDINI +2           WON 5/9  54 POINTS 5TH as less wins than Rhiannon and Dudley

RICHARD WALTON  0                   WON 0/9  26 POINTS 10TH

SIMON BELCHER   0                      WON 3/9  46 POINTS 8TH

CHRIS MAGUIRE   0                       WON 2/9  31 POINTS 9TH

TIM BOLAND      -1                          WON 8/9   62 POINTS  1ST

NICK ALLEN        -1                         WON 4/9    38 POINTS  7TH  as less points than Anthony

ANTHONY BOLAND -2                  WON 4/9    42 POINTS 6TH  on more points than Nick

PAUL MAGUIRE     -3                     WON 7/9     58 POINTS  2ND

DUDLEY WRIGHT  -3                     WON 6/9    54  POINTS  4TH as lost to Rhiannon

These results meant that top 8 qualified for knock out tournament, however these positions above woulddetermine where losing quarter finalists and semi finalists would finish in relation to fellow losers. Knockout matches would be same handicaps and best of 3 first to 7 point tie breaks with handicaps being used in every set.


1st  TIM v   8th SIMON    TIM WINS 7-4 7-3                    SIMON gains 2 Ranking Points for 8th

4th DUDLEY v 5th EMMANUEL  DUDLEY WINS 4-7 7-6 7-4    EMMANUEL gains 5 Ranking Points for 5th

3rd RHIANNON v 6th ANTHONY   RHIANNON WINS 7-0 7-5   ANTHONY gains 4 Ranking Points for 6th

2nd PAUL v 7th NICK            PAUL WINS 7-4 7-5        NICK gains 3 Ranking Points for 7th

SEMIS produced a thrilling 27 minute match

1st TIM v   4th DUDLEY    TIM WINS 4-7 7-6 7-3        DUDLEY gains 7 Ranking Points for 4th Place

2nd PAUL v  3rd RHIANNON RHIANNON WINS 7-2 7-2    PAUL gains 10 Ranking Points for 3rd Place

And so to the FINAL and a battle of the sexes produced another tight affair under the lights and watching crowd.

1st TIM v 3rd RHIANNON    RHIANNON WINS 4-7 7-3 7-6    breaks Tim serve on deciding Match point to a huge cheer!

AUSTRALIAN OPEN RUNNER UP TIM BOLAND takes 13 Ranking Points         AND………………

THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN TITLE AND 16 Ranking Points and FREE Entry into FRENCH OPEN goes to


Most competitors had a great time and the handicaps are there to give every possibility for close games and unpredictable results, but they can’t account for players being in top form or being totally out of sorts, or how players can react to coping with the handicaps given in pressure situations, I think the handicaps were very accurate, but may (only may consider tinkering 3 players should they enter another grand slam).

Remember, you can still easily qualify for the ATP finals even if you didn’t enter the Australian Open

Floodlit Final Action

FRENCH OPEN 1PM Sunday December 9th

WIMBLEDON 1PM Sunday January 13th

US OPEN 2PM Sunday January 27th

ATP FINALS top 4 only Sunday February 10th 12PM

Already entered for FRENCH OPEN are Rhiannon Robinson, Anthony Boland, Richard Woodstock and Ryan Brazier (feeling a -5 at least coming on) so a maximum of 8 places remaining, be quick to enter!!

So here is the current ATP RANKINGS

1st Rhiannon 16

2nd Tim          13

3rd Paul           10

4th Dudley       7


Australian Open Winner Rhiannon

Runner Up Tim Boland with Nick Allen

5th Emmanuel 5

6th Anthony    4

7th Nick            3

8th Simon         2

9th  Chris           1

9th Richard       1

2 Weeks until French Open, and well done Rhiannon Robinson- one for the pink team!


Hi tennis aces and parents it’s the last half term break before we do our 5 hr, 5 days a week, all 6 weeks of the summer holiday tennis camp at Walsall Tennis Club.

After your Jubilee street parties are all packed away….Tennis Camp starts at 1pm everyday beginning TUESDAY 5th JUNE and Ending FRIDAY 8th JUNE! Camp finishes at 4pm Roland Garros aka French Open

Children of all abilities must come at 1pm and stay between 1 and 3 hrs, rackets and drinks provided!!

£4 per hour or £10 for 3 hours!!

Hope to see you all there, to emulate your stars competing in this fortnights French Open!!!!


Hi Kids and Parents

This Easter, The tennis camps will run every week day from 1pm til 5pm! Under 6 year olds can do 1hr only at 1pm eachday, some may be invited to stay longer based on ability and attention span! For all 7 yrs and above, we still want you arriving at 1pm so we can plan for each day, whether you stay for 1, 2, 3 or 4 hrs! Details and prices are below.

Easter Camps 2012

Monday 2nd to Friday 6th April 1-5pm

Monday 9th to Friday 13th April 1-5pm

£4 for 1 hour

£8 for 2 hours

£11 for 3 hours

£12 for 4 hours all day (every 2nd sibling gets all day half price)

20 Hour Loyalty Cards can be bought for £60 to be used anytime by the 13th April

40 Hour Loyalty Cards to be shared by TWO siblings can be bought for £100 to be used anytime by the 13th April

Squash and rackets provided, bring snacks or money for club’s new vending machine.

See you on the 2nd at 1pm

Clayton and Ellie


 Click here for WEDNESDAY STATS league Tables, Mr Twist leading the way, can anyone reel him in???

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