Cardio Tennis

We hold at least 5 sessions per week of Cardio Tennis, It’s advisable to get at least two workouts a week to see fitness and shape benefits. Session cost is £5 for a 60 minute session. Check out great pay up front savings below to help you achieve your results and help you to keep turning up!
Currently sessions are Sun 1pm Tue and Thu 7:30pm Wed at 2pm and Fri 9:30am as of Jan 2013.
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  Trial price £3 first timers only
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So what is this CARDIO TENNIS, where has it appeared from and what can it do for me? Cardio Tennis originates from the United states and has been a massive hit there for over 5 years now. IT IS NOT COACHING (not proper coaching anyway), but it will still improve many aspects of your game, obviously the main ones are your fitness, stamina and footwork, yet it will also groove your technique from hitting tons of tennis balls.

If it’s not coaching then what is it? IT’S A FITNESS CLASS, your tennis coach is taking on the ‘Zumba, spinning, step, water aerobics, boxercise instructors and becoming your ‘Mr Motivator’ The class duration will be between 50-60 minutes long and you will burn up to 700 calories. What’s the difference then between Cardio Tennis and the other bog standard boring fitness classes at the gym? ANSWER… this is more effective and you will stick with it because it’s FUN, It’s TENNIS, you are chasing and hitting tennis balls, you are chasing result after result (the ball) because what you do with that tennis ball has an instant definative answer to the effort you are putting in. What fun, or competition is there in stepping on and off a platform, or spinning like mad (creating bad posture). Now because you are chasing balls, you are fooled into doing more in the 45minute slot (time frame which your body can burn calories in and lose weight) than the other mundane same old, same old classes.

  OK Coach, I’m intrigued, I need to know more about it, is it only for tennis players?     No, I can’t swim but I know I could do a water aerobics class, this is a FITNESS CLASS, tennis is the theme/activity. But tennis is hard right… and you won’t offer much advise on technique? No I won’t, how you hit your shots is totally irrelevant, over time obviously you are going to be a better player due to hitting thousands of balls, this is about chasing ball after ball, and lots of swinging, rotating, footwork drills all done to high tempo dance music on court with you to help energise the workout as you take part in hard, but exciting drill after drill and team games. Rackets are provided as most non tennis players will not own them, soft low compression balls are used which bounce lower and slower than regular balls, giving more success to newbies, better players will not be able to put the ball away like normal, due to the behaviour of these 200 balls in my trolley. You are going to get the workout of your life and I dare you not to fall in love with Tennis, this will get your fat burning Deuces going!

Ok Coach this sounds amazing fun, and it’s outside, not in a stuffy studio, I need to know the main aims/goals of the sessions and how to monitor my progress as I get fitter and leaner? Your aim is to stay working in your AEROBIC zone, this is normally between 65% and 85% of your maximum heart rate, we can know your Maximum heart rate, based on your age, and resting heart rate. Your aim is to stay in this zone throughout the session, if you start dropping, work harder..up your intensity, if you are over this zone, then you need to slow down and let your heart rate return to a more comfortable level.

 As the weeks go on you should find you can stay at the 80% level consistently, meaning your cardio workouts are improving your aerobic capacity and overall fitness and of course burning a boat load of calories. I will check your heart rate at very regular intervals, using your pulse. The most effecient easy way is to use a heart rate monitor, this will always tell you what level you are working at, and also give you a calorie burn count too, along with other interesting stats. You can pay to use monitors or ideally get one of your own, so it’s always set to your own personal criteria. The biggest indicator however is your fitness levels, your health and well being from working out outside, and along with a great diet, involving no processed foods, just watch the pounds drop off, whist discovering the best sport out there!!

This class is for everyone (providing you are committed), a useless beginner to a County player, everyone can mix in together, fitness is the key, established Tennis players, why get a gym membership to get your cardio workout? Do it outside at your club, with likeminded friends! Ok I hope this explains everything, now click or click Facebook Icon on right to get the very latest cardio session times and details! Keep your eyes peeled on this site at Cutting Edge News and my facebook page (top right) for imminent details of more ON THE EDGE ‘CARDIO TENNIS’ session being added in the 2013! Come and have a go if you think you’re brave enough and invite your friends too, its ACE!

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