1-on-1 Coaching

1 Private lesson £22
Block of 6 Lessons £115

So you are interested in private lessons? It is never too late to learn with me, whether you feel you are too old, or you have played for years without a single lesson! If you are a complete novice/beginner, fantastic you will benefit the most from one to one lessons, because you have everything to learn, and nothing to forget, no annoying, stubborn bad habits to try and overcome. Your progress will rocket and no more than the 1st lesson! You will be astonished with what you can achieve in 1 hour with me, and most probably get hooked on tennis for life .

So if private lessons are ever an option for you, get them before you start playing, don’t leave it 2 years, 2 months or even 2 weeks, learn right, from the start and play well forever! If you follow this advice beginners, you will have the skills to, abstain from tennis for years and still return to same level and confidence you had after a period of coaching with me! Remember learning to swim and riding a bike as a child, can you still do it with no thought?….. of course you can, if you can’t remember learning these things, then I know you can’t swim or ride a bike now without some serious teaching from an adult. Tennis coaching is the same, the earlier the better, and bad habits will not occur, if you play first, then get coaching, we can do it but you will forever have to fight and override those demon bad habits!!

Private lessons are 1 hr long and presently cost £22 (in daylight) or £13 for 30 minute lesson (ideal for 5/6 year olds), you will not only develop great technique but also quickly build great fitness and stamina. Tennis is one sport that gives you a full body workout, on arms, legs, abs(core) due to running, swinging and rotating actions. Equipment can all be provided and special balls are used for under 10′s where appropriate. My groups on next page are fantastic for socialising, having fun, and a really strenuous workout, you will improve, and you will develop good technique but PRIVATE lessons will bring you on 6 times as fast with no bad habits allowed to develop!

Best practice … is to have  group lessons in between private lessons to practice what we cover in private lessons, it gives you a test to see what has been retained. Private lessons alone are not good, you have to be prepared to get practice in and learn the game of tennis itself and the real emotions that game situations will bring! If you had a car to drive between driving lessons, you will know exactly the point I’m making.

Video Analysis Lessons


All players, but imparticularly, more experienced players, trying to make vital changes to their game, might want to consider VIDEO ANALYSIS lessons, now only £35, within this price I can record you, super slow motion you, and give you all my analysis for you to keep forever, which clearly shows faults, and where to address them! The way you think you look/play and actually how you look/play are never the same. The options are endless here, and it is a great tool to monitor a change you are looking to make with me, I will even give you the software, so a friend can film you, and you can see how far you have come to achieve your goals. Ask me for more information on these fantastic features!

Can’t wait to start your progress, give me one lesson to prove my ability as a coach, and to unlock YOUR potential ability, if you can’t see an improvement or you feel dejected….. then you can have that 1st hour on me! Contact me today to arrange your perfect time to start, the ball is in your court, return it now for a lifelong rally with TENNIS!

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